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“I have had the opportunity to follow Emmanuelle’s meditation sessions through different occasions, and I have always been pleasantly transported by her kindness and gentleness. Emmanuelle has a magical voice that knows how to guide you to the lands of relaxation.
Whether it is sessions during lockdown, or professional training, Emmanuelle knows how to adapt her techniques and put them to the benefit of her clients. It is an incredible opportunity to be able to benefit from her guidance in both languages.
Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Emmanuelle on my fear of childbirth following a first traumatic experience. Armed with gentleness and compassion, Emmanuelle knew how to combine several techniques in order to offer me a personalised follow-up of meditations to apprehend this second childbirth very serenely.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything, I am very happy to have been able to benefit from your different approaches and I can only recommend them.
I learned a lot about myself and the forces that were hidden in me, thank you Emmanuelle for removing all these layers of fear and for leaving space for confidence and personal development.”–Natacha

I have participated in Emmanuelle’s meditation sessions over the last two years and I strongly recommend her. Her meditation sessions have been the highlight of my week, enabling me to relax and find the peace within myself. She has a very natural and gentle way to make you go to the deeper level of your soul and to connect with your body. She uses lots of different techniques such as visualisation, body scans etc and I love the discussions we had following the sessions. She is very encouraging and understanding to every person’s individual circumstances which contributes in creating trust and a positive environment. I benefited a lot from her sessions. Thank you so much Emmanuelle !” — Nathalie

“I see you as a coach and mentor. I appreciate your valuable insight and challenging but very useful talks. You’re doing an amazing job in your work. So grateful I have found you .” –Sandra

“I want you to know how much I am grateful to have you as my meditation guide. Since I have begun meditating with you, my life, my state of mind, my awareness, my relationship with others have changed their courses and I really feel more comfortable.Moreover, I have gained in self-confidence and can now allow myself moments of joy and happiness without guilt, which obviously impact my surroundings.Your knowledge is never-ending and brings us in the depth of ourselves in a very simple and logical way. I just love to listen again and again to the meditation records which you kindly send us. After your sessions, I feel relaxed, strong minded and happy. Thank you, Emmanuelle, for these unique moments.” — Irlande

“Emmanuelle has such a calming and reassuring presence in her meditations. I am grateful for the extra knowledge and the helpful tips she shares.” — Penny

I have been taking meditation classes with Emmanuelle for the last few months and can already feel the benefits in my life of this practise.  She is an absolutely incredible teacher with such a calming voice.  I love the variety of styles of meditation she teaches as well as her broad knowledge base.  We have covered topics on resilience, loving kindness, mindfulness etc… and done tailored meditation practices for each topic.  Thanks to Emmanuelle I feel so much more “aware” or mindful in my own life, less stressed and better able to cope with whatever life throws at me.” — Kylie

“Emmanuelle’s guidance has been instrumental in introducing me to mindfulness meditation. Helping with stress management at work and at home. It’s worth every minute you put into the practice.” — Alexandre

“I discovered mindfulness in London with the classic 8 weeks program of John Kabat Zinn and Jonathan Livingston Seagull to help me with a burnout. Back to Australia, Emmanuelle meditation and mindfulness classes kept me connected with the practice and offered me the opportunity to share with other people the benefits of this experience.” — Emma


I would like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to the people who have supported me and believed in me along the way:

I am grateful to my coach Julie Bond-Rowe from the Australian Centre for Meditation and Mindfulness for her support and encouragement as I started on my journey to become a meditation teacher.

Thank you to my mentor Dori Langevin from the Mindfulness Meditation Certification Program, for inspiring me with your depth of experience and profound wisdom. And thank you to my study buddies, Lisa, Marc, Mike, Rita and Tess for your friendship, positive feedback, and sense of humour!

I also have my friends to thank for their unwavering support and trust since I started on my journey to become a meditation teacher. They have been by my side over the past four years, participating in my classes, becoming my ambassadors, providing me with opportunities to teach, playing the role of life coaches and sounding boards and building this website for me: thank you Julie, Nathalie, Emilie, Jasmine, Emma, Alex, Sandra, Sandy, Kylie, Irlande, Bruno, Gwladys, Eric, Clémence, Delphine, Penny, Yolaine and all the others who have supported me over the years.

And finally thank you to my generous husband and children for your patience, presence and unconditional love as I attend meditation workshops and retreats!

A special thank you to my daughter Sophia for creating the art to illustrate the children meditations.

I am grateful to the creators of Unsplash for letting me use their beautiful royalty-free photographs, and to the artists from the Fesliyan Studios for the use of their soothing meditation music.

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